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Comic Book CharactersThor Odinson || God of Thunder

All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye…mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!

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Thor and Loki sexting


Thor/AOA!Loki. Sorta explicit. 350 words.

"Can I borrow your phone?" Loki asks one day, appearing next to Thor out of nowhere.

They are on the city streets, in the midst of gunfire. Thor thinks it must be only appropriate to run into his teenage brother in the middle of chaos. He and the Avengers are trying to stop a villain – one that Thor suddenly hopes his brother isn’t working with.

"Is this your doing?" Thor asks, confused, but gives Loki his phone.

"If you truly thought so, your hands would be around my neck right now," Loki teases, his fingers flying across the screen. When he finishes, he notices that Thor is still staring at him with distrust. He rolls his eyes. "For the record, no. I just like to watch.”

Thor is displeased. “You like to watch all this fighting?”

"No, stupid," Loki locks Thor’s phone and slips it back into a tight pocket in Thor’s trousers. "I like to watch you.” And then he saunters off, all long limbs and swaying hips that leave Thor distracted for the rest of the day.

Later, he figures out what Loki did with his phone when he gets a text.

From: Loki [10:44 pm]
Are you alone?

Thor stares at the text for a while. As much as he loves his brother, he can’t let himself trust him anymore.

From: Thor [10:47pm]

Loki’s response comes quickly.

From: Loki [10:49pm]
Bc I want you to do exactly what I’m doing rn

From: Thor [10:50pm]
And that is?

From: Loki [10:52pm]
Running my hand over my dick, wishing it was u touching me

A minute later, there is a photo message.

Thor never texts him back.

Ten minutes later he’s at Loki’s Manhattan apartment, greeted at the door by a very miffed Loki. He kisses away Loki’s angry scowl. Then uses his hands on Loki, and his lips, tongue, and cock.

"You weren’t supposed to come over, you idiot," Loki says hours later, but he’s too tired and sated to actually be angry at his stupid brother.

Thor never does quite get the hang of sexting.



i just realized that maria hill reports directly to fury and natasha reports directly to fury and melinda may reports directly to fury and they’re the only ones we see regularly speaking to him

all three of director fury’s closest lieutenants are women how metal is that


we all have that one mutual follower we try to impress with every post

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okay though if there’s anything that struck me on rewatching the first Cap movie it’s how much Steve and Bucky are such assholes to each other and it’s amazing

and like can you just imagine recovered!Bucky and Steve going on missions together and Steve being like

"wow Buck that thing you did there was actually kind of smart, all the stupid must’ve grown out in your hair"

and Bucky being all

"you might not know this, Steve, but there’s this thing we say these days that might be really useful for you to know and it goes like this: go fuck yourself"

and all the other avengers looking at each other like we read about you in history books, you are national heroes, what even