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セーラームーン | こむぎこ [pixiv] 


What in fucks name is this flying water

Whenever someone plays with my hair


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Chris Hemsworth in OK magazine ( Thai version ) 8 November 2013


I’ve been waiting for this to come around so I could reblog it


I’ve been waiting for this to come around so I could reblog it


Human AU where Thor and Loki are brothers who move away to the city together so they can finally live openly as a couple. When Thor makes new friends, he introduces Loki to them as his boyfriend/fiance. This is their new life, and they’re incredibly happy.

Months later, Thor and Loki are with their new friends when they run into someone they haven’t seen in years… Sif.. and she starts reminiscing excitedly. Before Thor can drag her away, she lets it drop that Loki and Thor are actually brothers and accidentally outs them as an incestuous couple.

"I know they don’t look anything alike," Sif teases when the others look dumbfounded, "but don’t let it fool you. I’ve known these two since Thor was eating dirt."


Loki turned sixteen in Paris…

'Minor European aristocracy' AU. Sort of a short, silly progenitor of A Differing Lot that I just recently unearthed from a pile of scraps. ~1300 words, NSFW.

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hey i drew these qts as link woo

suzy x arin x barry x ross x danny

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